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Where to go in europe with girlfriend

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We reveal the European weekend getaways offering the best value, after comparing a basket of travel essentials including accommodation and food. City breaks can be the ideal solution if you want to go exploring abroad but don't have heaps of annual leave to use. There are plenty of brilliant locations in Europe just a short flight away, where you can find activities for families with children, iconic landmarks for culture vultures and romantic spots for couples. The best part is, you can get quite a lot for your budget on food, attraction tickets and more, if you know where to look. Researchers looked at the price of 12 typical tourist city break staples, such as an evening meal for two with wine, coffee, beer, soft drinks, airport transfers, sightseeing, attractions and accommodation, but not including air fares. They then added the costs to produce a total barometer "basket price", unveiling the best value cities in Europe.



Traveling Europe with girlfriend, I am 19 years old

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Jump to navigation. Or thinking about your first trip together as a couple? No matter what your motives are, Europe has numerous romantic spots to offer.

As obvious as it may seem, Venice is a perfect place for couples and love-seekers, especially if you visit it in February, during the famous Carnevale, or in autumn, free of masses of tourists.

The best way to feel its spirit is to wander around the city and, at some point, get lost in its narrow streets and along the tiny canals. Mont Saint-Michel is an island commune in Normandy situated just meters from the mainland. For centuries, it has sheltered pilgrims who used a path uncovered only at low tide to get to the Mont Saint-Michel abbey.

It will give you a unique feeling of solitude and harmony that will stay with you for a long time after you leave the island. The rugged coastline is the result of the Minoan volcano eruption 3, years ago. By the way, rumour has it that the mythical city of Atlantis may still be hidden deep in the nearby waters — maybe you are destined to find it?

Prague is known for its mysterious history, but what is love if not the greatest mystery of them all? In spring, the city reveals its romantic soul to the fullest. Afterwards, walk past the Franz Kafka Museum towards the Vltava river and, when on its bank, marvel at the pairs of white swans as they glide beneath.

A boat trip gives you a chance to see many tiny charming details that would otherwise remain unnoticed. The sound of your own footsteps in the empty cobbled streets will make you feel like this magnificent medieval world belongs to just the two of you.

Petersburg, the former capital of Russia, is often referred to as the Venice of the North due to its numerous canals and imperial palaces.

And just as Italian Venice, St. Petersburg is one of the few cities that will inevitably capture your heart. It is famous for its rising bridges on the Neva River, which enable big ships to enter the Baltic Sea. A hidden gem of the Alps, Hallstatt is a small Austrian village situated on the western side of Lake Hallstatt.

Its 16th-century houses and alleys, together with picturesque nature, make it a cosy and peaceful place to stay in with your beloved. If you are into an active lifestyle, you can add hiking, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking or canoeing to your schedule. In any case, infinite beauty and a constant feeling of wonder are guaranteed in both winter and summer.

Neuschwanstein Castle is an architectural wonder created by Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria in honour of the world-famous composer Richard Wagner. Yet, it is far more than just a charming building: it is a true paradox, as the castle was built in the 19th century, at a time when castles no longer had strategical or defensive purposes. Neuschwanstein was brought to life out of sheer desire to proclaim beauty and romance.

Do you really need more arguments to visit this place? Travel to the Netherlands in mid-April to see the country bursting in vivid colours. The most popular place to enjoy many different kinds of blooming tulips is the Keukenhof, which is just a minute drive from Amsterdam.

However, if you want to see their real, natural beauty, take a train or rent a bicycle and admire tulips in rural fields. Last, but definitely not least, is the place that seems to be at the end of the world — Cape Roca. It is the most western point of continental Europe with an amazing view over the Atlantic Ocean. Make sure to explore it all!

Where would you recommend going? Share your ideas in the comments below! Top 10 Most Romantic Places in Europe. Culture , Health. Feel-Good Reads. Staying indoors is simple, staying entertained is another issue. Give your Netflix account a breather and check out these awesome books! Read more. Emotional Band-Aid. In the adaptability and ease with which we experience change, lies our happiness and freedom.

How to maintain your well-being as a student in quarantine. During a pandemic everything is different and taking care of our well-being is extremely important. Surviving turning your home into an office. Are you stressing out over having too much work during remote studying or working? Maybe it is not as much of a struggle as you think…. Here are my top picks to keep you entertained during these hard times. Love Across Countries And Continents. February is considered the month of love and we decided to celebrate it by hosting a contest about finding love during Erasmus and here we have our winner.

Surviving turning your home into an office Are you stressing out over having too much work during remote studying or working?

Maybe it is not as much of a struggle as you think… Read more.

The Best Girlfriend Getaways in Europe

When it comes to varied and interesting destinations that will suit all types of tastes, Europe has a lot to offer- from bustling capital cities to charming rural regions. Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend or an adventure-filled weekend of sightseeing and exploring historical sites, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. To the northeast of Barcelona , the Costa Brava region is a lovely tourist area with a beautiful coastline and some wonderful beaches.

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Living in Europe, of course, meant that going away to another European country was relatively easy in terms of journey times. Thanks to this, with experience gained from years of looking for the best places in Europe to visit for weekend breaks, we wanted to share our epic spots you should visit for a perfect European weekend getaway. There are lots of places with the best views , some amazing and unique restaurants to visit , not to mention the best bars and secret spots you definitely have to see. Read more: Best areas of London to explore. One of the most colourful places to visit in Italy, Cinque Terre is an amazingly picturesque place to spend a lovely and relaxing weekend in.

Top 10 Romantic Winter Destinations in Europe

Here are 15 of the best girl trip destinations in the world:. Take in museums, and sites like the Brooklyn Bridge or High Line. Or go on a tour such as the Friends or Sex and the City Tour that takes you to different locations that the shows were filmed. You can take in the beaches of the Hamptons for a relaxing getaway or head a few hours north to charming towns such as Sleepy Hollow or Kingston which are filled with history and small-town art and scenery. You might think of Iceland as a barren land that is barely inhabitable, much less worth the visit. You could be more wrong. Iceland has the capability of not only being fun, but it can also be extravagant. Take a trip down to relax in the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon or take a snowmobile ride on an ancient glacier are just two of the things this country has to offer. Stay at the Hotel Ranga for the chance to view the northern lights or take a trip out to Thingvellir which is the site of the oldest democratic parliament in the world. There is more to New Orleans than Mardi Gras, although Mardi Gras is a great reason to visit this southern wonderland.

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Best destinations Romantic destinations. Hidden gems. Best beaches.

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From Japan to Namibia to Mexico , there is just too much to see to spend another weekend hitting up the same old spots. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Here are the best girlfriend getaways around the world! Full of all things cool, crazy, and cute, this city is constantly buzzing with energy.

Best romantic destinations in Europe

Winter is the ideal period for a romantic getaway with your significant other. Enjoy some of the most beautiful places in Europe cladded in snow and marvel at the beauty of winter in this Top 10 list of the most romantic cities. Italy's bustling capital is beautiful all year round but during the winter you have the chance to indulge in pure Italian romance without hordes of tourists or exhausting temperatures. Vienna, a city with unique artistic and intellectual legacy, architecture and rich history offers an amazing spectacle covered in snow.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 12 Surprisingly Simple Tips for Traveling as a Couple

You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. We will also call you back in 24 hrs. There is something magical about cold, crisp winters. And winter in Europe is even more bewitching than one can ever imagine — snowfall in many regions, tinkles of Christmas bells, fireworks, and a lot of festive excitement. It is the perfect time to plan your Europe honeymoon and explore the most romantic destinations.

10 best value cities in Europe for a weekend getaway

Please refresh the page and retry. Looking to take your relationship to new heights? A European city break will do the trick. With its cobbled piazzas, al fresco trattorias and time-weathered Baroque churches, Rome feels like a film set built especially for your very own Italian La La Land singing selected opera arias is an optional extra. You may not be allowed to wade barefoot into the Trevi Fountain like Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita , but there are any number of other scenic backdrops for dalliance and declarations. And the mild weather also helps to stoke those amorous flames.

Jan 14, - Let's get acquainted with the best places to visit in Spain for honeymoon. Madrid – The Heart Of Spain; Canary Islands – Sun, Sand And.

Best destinations Romantic destinations. Hidden gems. Best beaches. Best landscapes.

Top 10 Most Romantic Places in Europe

Check out these beautiful romantic destinations in Europe that guarantee to steal your heart because of its beautiful sceneries and positive vibes. Europe is a buzzing place that has a lot to offer to anyone who is seeking something special. To put it lightly, we need holidays before we go crazy. Anyone who is in the workforce would understand the value of having a nice time off from everything an essential part of life, May it be a couples vacation, solo travel, or adventuring with friends.

Best Girl Trip Destinations In The World

Florence October 7th-October 10th. Genoa October 10th-October 11th. Bordeaux October 14thth. Paris October 18thnd.

Hello, I am going on a 2 week trip to Europe with my girlfriend. Right now we plan to visit London for a bit, than Amsterdam and possibly the South of France and we have a couple other ideas.

No city in Europe quite compares to the romance exuding from the Dutch capital. For the most romantic experience, be sure to rent a house boat and soak up the authenticity from the canals themselves. No list like this would be complete without the city of love itself. Second only to Amsterdam a more quaint, charming, personal city of romance , Paris is still one of the unbeatable cities to visit with your significant other.

The 12 most romantic cities in Europe


The 17 most romantic European city breaks for 2020, and where to stay


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