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Staffed by physicians representing the faculty of The UT Health Science Center San Antonio School of Medicine, the UT Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology practice is the regional referral resource for physicians looking to partner with specialists who can offer consultation or, if needed, temporarily assume care. However, these appointments ensure they receive human papillomavirus vaccination and information about sexual health, as well as care for irregular or painful menses and conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome. Plastino says. As women enter reproductive age, family planning, general gynecologic services, and permanent and temporary birth control options are available. Plastino continues to follow women through menopause and beyond, utilizing best practices for screening based on age and risk stratification.

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Christine de la Garza, M.D.

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For Businesses. Write a Review. They pre-charge OB Global Fee. Now my baby already 6 months old and they still not refund any overpayments. They should refund any overpayments automatically, because after having a baby who has time to check insurance and call their office to explain everything. They never charged me any amount late, but why refund takes forever.

I visited DR. Novak in late March and she was super sweet and understanding. Once I found out I was pregnant I requested an hcg test because my lines were staying pretty faint.

The woman that took the call instantly told me it was too early for me to be testing. I thought that was super insensitive sense you NEVER know what a couple has gone through to conceive. That was a very insensitive and an unprofessional way to deliver results. She should be ashamed of herself. After our conversation of next steps I explained to Renee that I would also be seeing a Midwife for delivery but would like to pay out of pocket to visited Novak 4 times throughout my pregnancy so in case of an emergency I would have an In hospital physician.

Well Ms. Later on she called to tell me that Novak would not see be as long as im seeing a midwife. I was scheduled for an appointment at AM on a workday. While they showed me to a private room promptly, I wasn't seen or checked on for more than an hour after my appointment time.

Irritating, since I showed up on time and specifically booked an early appointment to avoid being delayed due to other patients' appointments running long, etc. I work for a company that maintains standard business hours, so another hour of my own personal work day was eaten up by this delay. The billing department was not willing to compromise on the charge. What I recommend, for any sort of "follow-up" appointment at this office, is to ask the doctor or administrator if an in-person appointment is really necessary or if it can be handled over a phone call.

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I have been going to Dr. She is absolutely amazing and has been nothing but kind and helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone I know looking for an Obgyn! The office staff is very nice and on top of things. I haven't had to wait longer than 15 minutes to be seen. Overall, I have had an amazing experience! Doctors are so good but staffs are just the opposite. They are rude and late in everything except collecting the bill.

For whatever questions they transferred me to voice mailbox and I never got callback. Even for any questions in person at the office, they are rude and always make me feel so bad!! Brannen is literally the best doctor I have ever seen in my entire life. I was randomly assign Brannen and I am so happy that I was. This is my first pregnancy and she made the entire experience so amazing.

I do have to add that the Shertz office is way better than the Stone Oak office. My one complaint is that the billing department is awful. Otherwise, I would love it if I had Dr. Brannen through all of my babies and forever! She's literally the best. My mom who visited from out of state, even mentioned that she wished she had a doctor like her. All the other doctors need to step it up!

The doctors in this practice may be good, but the office staff is completely incompetent. Don't waste your time - you're guaranteed to walk away frustrated, and feeling like you deserve to be treated better you do.

They are rude and condescending Don't settle by giving your business to this practice. Extremely rude when answering the phone. I should have checked the multiple reviews about them having nasty attitudes before I called. Hung up on me while I was on hold. Very rude. Novak has been my OB for years.

She has delivered both of my children and is amazing. Her bedside manner is great, she makes you feel like your family and that she truly cares. I have referred several of close friends and family members to Dr.

Novak and not one person I know has had a bad experience with her. I have been a patient for over a decade. The bill caught me by surprise and when I asked to inquire I was told that the Nurse Practitioner, Carter had ordered additional tests without my consent and the office will not hear my version because they were not in the room during the appointment, which I interpreted as it is my word against theirs.

It is unfortunate that the person who gets the bill has no right to be heard. When I called I remained calm, asked for clarification, never once raised my voice or cussed at the staff, because I have never and will never treat someone in that manner. However because I wrote this review or because I didn't agree with their explanation, I have been terminated as their patient.

Apparently not agreeing to accept unauthorized tests is considered abusive. Thank you for your thorough explanation Ms. Letty, I would just have like to be told these tests were being run before I received a bill. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to talk to me about this matter. I have been Dr. Novak's patient for almost 10 years and throughout the years and moving I still go to her!

She takes the time to listen and does what is best for you as an individual patient. I see the Nurse Practitioners pretty often also and they are just as wonderful. You will get seen within 10 minutes of your appt. Olvera is a Passive Aggressive Condescending Woman! Waited 3 months to see her and being that it is June 18th and my boys are off for summer I had called to confirm it would be ok to bring them with me.

I was told yes, they could come with me. I was taken back maze back there and when I was being taken into the Dr. The nurse started to explain she would be placing them in the room next to mine, as Dr.

Olvera interrupted her and proceeded to explain in a very soft and "politically" correct, condescending manner that they do not offer babysitting there. I was shocked!!! I explained that I didn't expect bbsitting but that when I called to ask if it would be ok for me to bring my boys I had been told yes. She then asked me my boys' ages, 9 and 7, and then said, "Oh, so they can be expected to watch each other.

No, I would never leave them at home alone, but I have left them in a Dr. I explained to Dr. Olvera that I did not appreciate the way she spoke down to me and that she would assume I expected babysitting. She said often times parents do expect babysitting. I explained she needed to better communicate with the front office in regards to bringing children in.

The Administrator said it is typical to have the children stay in the physician's office while the exam takes place. Or the children can be in the room and a curtain is drawn.

I wouldn't expect the Dr to offer up her office, nor do I think she should, and never was a curtain mentioned while talking to Dr. Olvera and her nurse. In the end, I doubt the "Admin" will have anything to say to Dr. Olvera, but for the record, Dr. Olvera is a passive aggressive, condescending woman! Debra Williams is such a wonderful doctor. I am truly blessed to have chosen her as my OB! She provided all of my prenatal care, delivered my son, and also provided my postpartum care.

While I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, I did have postpartum issues that she greatly helped with, along with Sherry Carter a nurse practitioner. She is very caring, but also straight and to the point which I appreciate. The office staff was so excited to see my baby once he was born which showed that they cared. I really appreciate their portal system and how prompt the nurses are to answer any questions you leave on the machine or via email.

It's really been a great experience all around and I feel very confident recommending this practice! I only have experience with Dr.

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Certified, Dedicated Care. Make An Appointment. Visit us at our new location!

For Businesses. Write a Review. They pre-charge OB Global Fee. Now my baby already 6 months old and they still not refund any overpayments. They should refund any overpayments automatically, because after having a baby who has time to check insurance and call their office to explain everything.

Christine de la Garza, M.D.

Jennifer Almonte-Gonzalez, M. Her special interests in adolescent female health, high risk pregnancy and complicated gynecological issues complement the services at WCE. Almonte-Gonzalez strongly adheres to applying medical practices that have the best evidence for the best outcomes for her patients. She takes a collaborative approach to care, always involving a patient and her family in medical decision-making, as appropriate. She was recently featured on the cover of Texas Medicine Magazine, the official publication of the Texas Medical Association. Almonte-Gonzalez graduated from the St. She was chosen by her peers to lead the medical staff as the Chief of Staff at Rio Grande Regional Hospital and sits on the Board of Trustees. Originally from El Paso, Dr.

Infertility Specialist

CommuniCare Health Centers provides women of all ages with access to the care and information they need to make informed decisions regarding their own physical health. Fetching directions Reset directions Print directions. Potranco Campus. Book Now.

We are committed to providing you and your baby exceptional care at University Health System during your pregnancy and beyond.

Kimberly Crittenden, M. San Antonio , TX Great, I highly recommend! Made me feel comfortable, was super nice and I would recommend to anyone in search of a doctor.

A Lifetime of Women’s Health at UT Medicine

Call the office or schedule online to work toward a solution to your fertility challenges. Women older than 35 are diagnosed after six months of actively trying. About one-third of cases can be attributed to the man, one-third to the woman, and one-third goes undiagnosed or is a combination of male and female factors. You undergo an extensive evaluation to determine the cause of infertility.

Affiliate Faculty, Department of Women's Health. She has been in private practice since and is co-founder of Women Partners in Health, which is where she was in practice until She received her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine and completed her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The community invests in Dell Med. Get Involved.

Women Partners

We are happy to welcome Dr. Stephanie L. Schaefer, MD thoroughly enjoys practicing both obstetrics and gynecology. Patients like that she is approachable, thorough, and listens to their needs without judgement or feeling rushed. Whether it be during a routine exam or more urgent issue, Dr. With that in mind, I welcome the opportunity to meet with an adolescent for her very first exam.

Apr 1, - Murder of Women by Male Intimate Partners. 4. Figure 2. Percentage of Females by Age Group in San Antonio, Arlington. Houston-The. Woodlands-Sugar Land. Md n. H ouse h old. Inco m e. Source:

Below is a list of the top and leading Gynaecologists in San Antonio. Allison R. Always a stellar student, Dr. Cavazos initially earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Stanford University, where she received highest honors for Academic Achievement.

Dr. Jane Shows, MD

Richard Usatine says amid the stress of long hours, tests and clinical rotations, that original motivation can sometimes get lost. He later completed a fellowship in medical education and became the medical director for the student-run homeless clinic at UCLA. If Dr. Maria Stephanie R.

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