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Where to travel with husband

Traveling with your spouse can be an incredible thing. And if you are self-aware enough, you will see your true colors, too. Traveling can bring couples closer together, but it can also challenge relationships in ways you never expected. Still for me, traveling is one of the greatest experiences I get to share with my husband.

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Travel addicts, how can I compromise with a husband who does not care for travel??

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If you have any questions, feel free to point them in my direction. IBobi Administrator Fodor's Forums. Travel addicts, how can I compromise with a husband who does not care for travel?? Thread Tools. Jul 16th, , AM. We are a young couple 26 and 33 who has been married for 3 years. We live a comfortable life; have a house, good jobs, and no kids yet. However, we have different priorities. I am the kind of the person who loves to travel, ever since I remember I dreamed about traveling to different parts of the world and often told myself that as soon as graduated college and had a good job I will go traveling.

My husband on the other hand does not really care for traveling. He is happy going to Key West or Daytona Beach we live in FL for his yearly vacation, and have little luxuries through out the year like golfing, expensive clothes, etc?. He has been on some of my travels with me, after I beg for it and he complaints about it. I don? I have told him that since we do not have the money to do both his little luxuries and my travels we could compromise: I can go on my travels with my aunt and he can get his little luxuries.

That way we are not spending money for him to accompany me on trips he really does not care about anyway. But he says that couples should not go on vacation separately, while I see nothing wrong with that at all. What to do? View Public Profile. Send a private message to drummer Find More Posts by drummer Find Trip Reports. Threaten him with divorce, that will shock him into travel my dear.

I am sorry, I realize this is not a marriage counseling board, but I was wondering if other travel lovers here face the same dilemma I do and how do you handle it. And no, divorce is not an option, he is a great husband over all. I never said go through with the divorce - just the threat, and he'll be booking up a couple of months in Europe.

I think you have the answer in traveling with your aunt - or other friends. Invite him along - he can go or not as he chooses. And accompany him every once in a while on one of his tedious "vacations". Other than that - just agree to disagree on this subject and enjoy your travels.

Send a private message to nytraveler. Find More Posts by nytraveler. How in the world did you two end up getting married in the first place? Go without him; or cut him off until he agrees.

That will make him real happy. Send a private message to armand. Find More Posts by armand. My husband loves to travel, but can't take the kind of time off that I can, so I plan trips without him - been doing that for 20 years.

I usually go with another friend or two, but I also go alone, or with just my kids. I see nothing wrong with that. If he can't get beyond Daytona Beach, and he actually complains when he does travel with you, you're better off, IMO, traveling with a friend anyway.

Send a private message to StCirq. Find More Posts by StCirq. Your topic heading has your answer: Compromise. Get your husband, take out a dictionary, look up the word, and work from there.

Some other ideas: strategy Consider traveling to someplace where "Mr. Stay-At-Home" can do some of the things he thinks are special golf, I presume being one and "Ms.

See-The-World" can sightsee and tour to her heart's content. Go ahead and book a short trip somewhere and hope he will go along and learn to enjoy traveling. You promised yourself that you would travel when you are able. Go and enjoy. Hopefully, a visit to a marriage counselor won't be necessary Hope this does not sound "preachy", but you did ask.

You question reminds me to be thankful that I'm married to someone who enjoys travel as much as I do. But don't give up. Send a private message to KidsToLondon. I would simply tell him how unhappy you are with the situation and there has to be a solution. He goes with you or allows you to go. Gads, I hate that word, allows in a relationship My husband at your age was the same way. He'd rather spend vacations with his family.

So I took off once he left for the mountains and off to France I went. Once he saw how happy I was on return and seeing my photos and my tales of people I met, he saw I could exist without him and has been travelling with me ever since. Send a private message to cigalechanta.

Find More Posts by cigalechanta. You could be describing me and my husband. He wants to spend money going out to dinner twice a week, going on weekend trips, etc. To solve this problem, I took advantage of the direct deposit option through my employer and started putting a small amount into a new checking account that was only in my name my husband does know about this but it's different if the money never touches our joint account.

At the point in time where I have enough money to take a trip, I start talking about where he'd like to go, make the reservations, and tell him about it. He actually loves going once we get there, but doesn't want to give up his dinners out or spend such a large chunk of money at one time.

He also likes the idea of showing our kids other parts of the world. I do have a hard time getting him to agree to fly coach after we've flown first class a couple of times. We've had to do this because there were no FF seats in 1st, or there were such cheap ticket that it didn't make sense to use FF miles. The other problem is that he doesn't get as much vacation as I do and can't take off as long at one time.

So I've now recruited others to go with me - my sister took her first trip to Italy with me over Easter and now can't wait to go back. Good luck! Send a private message to Parker.

The 50 Best Romantic Getaways

My wife and I both 25 years old are planning a 2 week 14 day trip to Western Europe , and specifically France , next year. I am kind of overwhelmed by the number of options there are and was hoping I could get some advice to narrow it down. We want to visit France for sure, but we are also considering making it a multi-country trip because it is rare that we get to have such a long and expensive vacation, so we want to make the most of it.

It was a hot, muggy day. Rain came in short bursts before the clouds were burnt off by the sun.

It will be heartbreaking for sure if you have to miss your much-desired holiday because of this, right? To be honest, to choose a vacation or a holiday above your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is stupidity. Allow us to give you some effective ideas on how to convince your partner, husband or wife to travel with you on a holiday. Once you read these tips, head straight out to Tripadvisor or AirBnB or Expedia to book your holiday. You must talk to your partner, husband or wife about their interests.

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Thinking about going away for a couples trip? Whether you're celebrating your honeymoon or just looking to escape with your partner, these are the most romantic getaways. Thinking about heading off on a romantic getaway with your significant other? Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to the Galapagos Islands , where they can spot flamingos, tortoises, whale sharks, and more; foodie couples will love eating and drinking their way through Tuscany. Whatever your travel style, we have a trip for you. Related: More romantic trip ideas. Wander through the green rolling hills and sheep pastures, and take in the history in this beautiful country. Be sure to stop at a whiskey distillery for a sip or two — try Highland Park or Old Pulteney — and consider staying at Gleneagles Hotel, which sits on a acre estate and has its own train station. Have a relaxing, sunny beach vacation in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. It has 52 guest accommodations, plus two-, three-, four- and six-bedroom villas, a spa, restaurants, two private beaches, and a slip marina.

Young Husband and Wife - 14 Days in Western Europe - France Forum

There's nothing quite like travel to put any relationship to the test, no matter whether you and your SO are adventure-seekers, lovers of luxury, or old-school romantics. From surfing in Bali to spa treatments in the rainforests of Costa Rica, here are the trips you and your honey should have on your bucket list. Take your love to new heights in Cappadoccia, Turkey, which is famous for its surreal landscape, and best viewed by hot air balloon. Can you imagine a more romantic setting than snuggled up in the middle of the Finnish wilderness, toasty in your private glass igloo, staring up at the starry night sky and the incredible Northern Lights?

By Carla with.

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Eight Lessons Traveling With My Husband Taught Me

Learning to travel with your husband or wife can be one of the most freeing and exhilarating skills to build. Traveling allows you and yours to build memories and have once in a lifetime adventures together. We are offering our top 5 tips to traveling with your other half and staying married!

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But traveling together introduces additional stress. Packing, reserving hotels, navigating new terrain—not to mention being trapped in a moving vehicle—it adds up. A recent excursion to Niagara Falls, following an evening meeting in Buffalo, was our first vacation alone together in a while. The night before the trip we attended a big comedy show. None too fond of crowds, the hubby devoted his entire afternoon to checking online reviews of parking structures near the venue. Thankfully, the pre-vacation event and, more importantly, the parking was a rousing success.

How to Travel with Your Husband or Wife and Stay Married

Bali, aka the Island of the Gods , is a versatile haven with something to offer every type of couple. If you think romance is dancing to DJ sets and light shows until the wee hours of morning, Bali is also known for its nightclub scene. Want to feel spiritually enlightened? Bali has countless temples and shrines to visit. Santorini is definitely having a moment on Instagram these days: our feeds are packed with newlyweds enjoying picture-perfect honeymoons.

My husband on the other hand does not really care for traveling. He is happy going to Key West or Daytona Beach (we live in FL) for his yearly vacation, and have.

After many years, my husband has convinced me to go to Hawaii in May- 7 days on Maui , 3 on Molokai we usually go to the Carribean. I find myself spending lots of time on this forum, reasearching and planning; lodging , restaraunts, activities, which I do enjoy, while my husband is sitting back pretty much on the sidelines. I'm just curious how other couples handle the planning.

29 Of The Best Vacation Destinations For Couples

I was deeply unhappy for a long time, but I somehow found the strength to change that. This is how a fairly nice Welsh girl ended up switching continents and sweltering in tropical Far North Queensland with two very small children and a husband from another culture and from there changed things around again to become a full time traveller and writer. I promise not to get too mushy or talk about sex.

18 Life-changing Trips for Couples

Ask any mom and she will be able to tell you that there is a very definite distinction between a trip and a vacation. I have four kids. Going away from home for any quantity of time with them is definitely more of a trip than a vacation!

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about one of the best vacations they've ever taken: their honeymoon. Happy travels!




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