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Go to Songsear. Hi, I'm looking for a song I only remember part of the lyrics from. That part was from the chorus and it is sang by a female singer. Can you guys please help?


Here Are The Songs That Went Totally Viral On TikTok In 2019

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Go to Songsear. Im also Looking For A song it sang by A woman. I'm looking for the song.. Your my girl of the year, every year. I wouldn't give you up for all the gold in the world. A downtempo song that's over 9 minutes long. Far as I remember, it has lyrics that go something like "My boyfriend's out of town".

I think there are both male and female vocals in it. The cover of the album is orange with psychedelic art. There is this song that I keep coming across with a really dope bass drop.

I was relistening to the clip. The lyrics are something like "You should have seen, it come, you had to know. Don't deny-" the rest of the phrase is hard to decipher because the voice singing the lyrics is like autotuned not the cringey way, I think it was just bass boosted or something.

The song its self is electronic like an EDM type because it has a fast tempo. Another phrase said before the bass drop is "when you get that feeling, they can be deceiving". If anyone knows the song I'd so appreciate an answer!

Thanks for reading. All i i can remember is the chorus is something like this you take me up where i belong it's the love that's making me strong whenever i fall you love takes me up where i belong. I believe the original song is in French. A song has been stuck in my head for like a week now.

I think it was something along the lines of "One djsgxkskshjrns Two djdhsnxbskajeg Three ckdhensjoahdnd Four kdbdhauskfb" Its kind of aggressive and I think its by Clawfinger but I'm not entirely sure I'm looking for the song by a 90s Male country singer where he's saying that even though they're fighting they won't break up because they're married now. Thanks for reading: "After you jump and they read about it in the papers, after you jump and they scrape you off the pavement, before you go, oh oh, can I have your stereo?

Omg I'm looking for a song that was played at my work. Please help me I know that this song are called "escape" Words: "we Will never listen cos the words are never True" "feels like euphoria" "i wanna escape with you". Thanks for the help. You can hear them coming for you. Coming forward to do what they do. You can run but you can't run far. I can hear them coming for you, yeah. I'm looking for a song about a very fiery first love upbeat strong funny and very caring totally in love must have lyrics I love you please.

Hey guys, I am looking for a dance song from the 90's. It sings "on and on and on we're Cuz we are? I'm looking for song. It goes like: "Somewhere smiling I can't forget I don't know yet Chorus: "Coz I am a ghost Nothing to show whoa All those words they sang like Entertainment I just can't refuse Pls help me! I really want this song. Hey im looking for a song, it's probably from the same..

There is a verse which says "hey babe" "I love you" and the "u" at the I love you is sung higher. The whole sentence gets higher. And that's honestly everything I remember. I only have the meldoy stuck in my mind.

Help me. Hi pals, I heard a song last day but sincerely I do not know if it was modern or from an old file, it was a male singer, very similar to Pearl Jam style, and the lyrics included a constant chorus which ended like " Tried on Google but found only songs which got those lines as part of the lyrics yet NOT as the chours, instead somewhere along the overall song Any idea?

It was amazingly beautiful and I'd love to find it The lyrics go something like this I'm looking for a song I first heard a couple of years ago, I have only heard it twice since then on the radio in shops. It's a young female singing, and it's hard to heard exactly what she's singing. One piece sounds very much like to me : "While the blossoms are here. Its bugging me as I can hear it when I think about it in my head, but I can't make out any other words properly. Any help would be appreciated!

I'm looking for a song from the early-mid 80s. Probably a British band. The chorus lyrics sound something like "Don't give up," [something else here] "time begins to change" or "winds of change" then a falsetto "oo-oo-oo" followed by a few bars of electronic music.

It's fairly upbeat. It's diving me crazy. What genre? When I saw Winds of change I could only think of Scorpions winds of change, but if you remember anything else? Thanks for helping -- it's still making me nuts. The lyrics may also be something more like "time begins to change" rather than "winds of change. Thanks again! I found it! It's "New Song" by Howard Jones. For the records, the correct chorus lyrics are: Don't crack up Bend your brain See both sides Throw off your mental chains.

Looking for a song. This might be a stretch. It's a woman. The version I have hear is acoustic, and it seems to have been recorded in a cafe or restaurant? She's singing a song and she gets very emotional. It goes along the theme of 'im never gone' and 'im in the wind' 'im proud of you' 'youre always my child' and I have been trying to figure out the song for hours and it's driving me insane.

I'm looking for a remixed sound having for lyrics "I'm so tired of the fighting, I'm tired of the hiding baby, Then I look into your eyes and, Wish that they were silent And even though, even though My heart is beating I am, I am, I am Chorus I am so tired of the sound x4 I'm so tired of the lies and, I'm so tired of the high end guys I'm looking for a vintage song, Golden Era sort of.

The lyrics are similar to "Though moonlight looks sweet, good on you"? Help would be greatly appreciated! Found it! I have searched everywhere but unable to find the lyrics to the music. Before you ask If anyone thinks they found it, please let me know! Does anybody know the song? It's most likely like Portuguese,Spain,Italy or something like that. It has words like caravel, misu te, tipolino??

It reminds me of some dubstep and some jump up, there's some rap but the main part is the drop. This song is suited for working out it has that oldish beat probably from to at most. The drop is kind of spiky, jumpy if you know what i mean. Anyone know of this early s popular song? Rough lyrics: wish you off the moon, try to make it easier babe, but it's sex in your diamonds..

Yeah I think the rest of the lyrics go like this, sorry if im wrong "Hunter, Oooooooh Ooooooh, Women in me frimen. Hi, I heard a song and I think its pretty popular but I forgot it's name. Lyrics include "come closer and I need your love" sounds like a club song.

Lose control meduza, Becky hill, goodboys 2. Calvin Harris - I need your love 3. Trevor Daniel - falling.

A day in the life of... a house girl

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Go to Songsear. Im also Looking For A song it sang by A woman. I'm looking for the song..

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Titi Girl I Need To Talk To You Tik Tok Song Lyrics | Twerk Dime

Twelve-year-old Titi does not know her surname. But she does remember her mother's first name, and a long journey from her village almost two years ago when she was just The night before that journey, Titi was at home having dinner with her family when she noticed her aunt packing her clothes into a plastic bag she had bought a few days before. Her family broke the news: In a few hours she would be leaving to go and work in a town in southwest Nigeria. Her mother and aunt wished her well and then handed her over to the man who would drive her there. The open truck he drove was crammed full of people; there were so many that some had to sit on the roof of the driver's cab. Titi was scared - less about where she was going than the fact that the driver would regularly pull over to hide the vehicle in dense bushes for long stretches of time.

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Grief Support. Diana J. Send Flowers.

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Musical memes are thriving on TikTok more than on any other platform. So if you are a prolific TikTok user, you might get a second clip stuck in your head for weeks without ever hearing the full song. Here is a nonexhaustive list of songs that went viral on TikTok this year.

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‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Sued After Joke About Woman Named ‘Titi’ Goes Flat

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Sep 8, - But she does remember her mother's first name, and a long journey from her village She says she would not mind going to visit but does not want to stay there. "They said they will teach me how to speak it," says Titi.








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