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The woman in black jump scares

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Please refresh the page and retry. After a long night of ghostly torment in Eel Marsh House — haunted by voices, self-unlocking doors, and a ball which bounces itself — bumbling solicitor Arthur Kidd Adrian Rawlins is in the grip of a fever dream when — ARGH! I was absolutely howling with laughter. It now languishes in spectral, grainy form in the dark corners of YouTube hell. In , the resurrected Hammer Films produced a glossy version starring Daniel Radcliffe, followed by cash-in prequel Angel of Death in With some variations, each version of The Woman in Black follows the same basic story.

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The Woman in Black

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Arthur Kipps Daniel Radcliffe , a widowed lawyer, is sent to a remote village to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased eccentric. But upon his arrival, it soon becomes clear that the house belonging to his client is haunted by the ghost of a woman out to seek vengeance.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Classy with out being boring or corny. Verified Purchase. As a horror fan I come into any ghost story with an air of skepticism ready to be disappointed. Thankfully this movie delivers. I thought the casting was excellent, the drama suspenseful and not overly predictable.

The scenery and the sets were outstanding in so much that just being in those places and rooms would be spooky enough to give one shivers down the spine. The story lends itself to some typical horror tropes but not in such a way as to cheapen the whole experience that much. Given today's heavy use of cgi its to be expected in movies such as these but in this case often I felt it was understated and it was more the content of the scene that made it scary rather than a frightening monster so to speak.

I dont want to give anything away but the swamp scenes were deliciously horrific and scary good fun. The over all melancholy tone and sinister bite of this story line have all the makings of a good horror flick that made me keep watching.

A fantastic ghost story that will leave in with chills and a lingering fear of shadows throughout the night. I love scary movies but hate what they have been reduced to over the years. This is a classic haunting ghost story created with modern technology.

If you loved shows like the Changeling, Flowers in the attic, Stephen King, this is an absolute must watch. I watched it several years ago and loved it. I rewatched it again last night over amazon prime and it was just as fantastic if not better. I enjoyed it the first time so much that I even found the original classic novella written by Susan Hill.

The original story is classified as "written in the style of a traditional Gothic novel". The novella is quite different in some regards and stands as a must-read in its own right. Although there are differences in the story line, the two seem to compliment each other well, which alone itself is a mystery. Too often one belittles the other. The use of CGI fog is almost unforgivable, but on the whole this was a pretty good film.

English villages c. Speaking of zeal, they would have intervened much more decisively that is, violently in preventing an outsider from stirring up the trouble we see; they would probably have tried to burn down the haunted house at some point, probably decades in the past. There seems to be a rule, though, that characters in horror movies do not behave like real people would.

On the other hand, the element of mystery is well played, and both the motivation of the ghost and the ghost's behavior at the end of the film follow a kind of traditional logic -- she may not have been reasonable, which is probably too much to ask of a vengeful ghost, but she was at least consistent.

I love British mysteries and gothic horror stories. This film had all the ingredients for an excellent movie and did not disappoint.

The acting was spot on and wonderful. Daniel Radcliff has indeed grown into a fine actor with sensitivity and distinction. The other actors were also wonderful, including, the "Twins" so cute and the other cute little dog. I love dogs and especially in this movie because none of dogs became casualties like other movies manage to stoop to. This movie was so visually gorgeous. Beautiful cinematography of the English countryside. The old mansion was so realistic with all the antique furnishings and architecture.

I could tell that the antique toys were real and that lent a spooky aspect to the story. The ending was quite a twist. Highly recommended! The setting was great as were the visuals. I didn't care much for the acting, though it did what it needed to. I liked the setup, but felt the payoff was lazy and uninteresting. The story was good, but not great. Jump scares felt cheap and contrived - like the movie was saying it can't be scary without them.

I found them annoying more than anything. It was one of the better haunted house movies I've seen though, they did that really well. I wanted the plot to be something different and, in the end, was quite disappointed at where they took it. This is a solid 3 star movie, not bad, but not great - just good.

We picked up this movie on Amazon Instant Watch because we've been considering heading out to the theatre to see the sequel. On the whole, I think we were pretty glad that we did.

The nutshell view on this is that our protagonist is sent off to a spooky house to tidy up some probate paperwork after the death of the house's last inhabitant. When he arrives, the townspeople do everything in their power to get rid of him and refuse to explain why they're acting so oddly. The rest is left as exploration for the prospective watcher. To the positive, the imagery in the movie is, at times, extremely creepy. At various points old toys are shown and I found these delightful for their historical background and as a motif for the film.

Lots of wonderful images in this movie. Further, the whole story didn't succumb to the standard pattern you typically see in these movies. I can't really say much more without spoiling it but suffice to say that you don't get what you expect in the end and the final twist is shocking and delightful.

To the negative, many of the horror details were very cliche: lots of doorknobs turning and when the door is opened nobody is there, briefly glimpsed faces in mirrors or in windows and mysterious shadows. This is all standard horror movie fluff and while well done is was just like every other horror movie in the world. In summary, this movie is heavy on imagery, setting and narrative arc but many of the details are rather blah.

As horror movies go it was high on my list simply because it didn't run the usual course of 'good, then bad, then even more bad, then better, then REALLY bad, then yay, rainbows and unicorns!

I always aim to improve. See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Congratulations to Daniel Radcliffe for so effectively proving his kill as an actor because within seconds I had forgotten who he was, theatrically speaking and instead was caught up entirely in his character in the film. The film is cleverly shot in predominantly grey tones, enforcing a sense of foreboding.

The counterpoint between villagers' superstition and rationalistic explanations gave a psychological dichotomy to the film.

To my embarrassment it took me a few moments to understand that the last couple of scenes were acts of kindness. I very strongly recommend the film to anyone who has not yet seen it. The quality of the DVD was good and the quality of the dvd was also good. It was well wrapped and delivered promptly. And I repeat, this film shows Daniel Radcliffe is a good actor in his own right, having broken the mould of his character Harry Potter.

I would now be far more willing to see him in new films on the grounds of his competence and plausibility. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. Don't buy this thinking it will be a "film of the play or book ". It seems to be stretching a point to say that it is "based on" the Susan Hill novel, for apart from using the same characters and locations the way the story is played out, and in particular the final denouement, is completely different.

Having said that, it's not a bad film in its own right. I liked the slightly de-saturated colour and some of the camera work was quite inventive. Without giving too much away, for example, there's a moment where a candle is reflected in a doll's eyes and as the candle is carried across the room it looks as if the eyes are moving too.

But some of the supposedly-shocking "reveals" were just hackneyed and, in one instance, plain corny.

Woman in Black, London: Address, Phone Number, Woman in Black Reviews: 3.5/5

The jump scare often gets a bad rap in horror. It can be perceived as a cheap gimmick or commonly overused in place of character development or plot, especially in modern horror. Creating an effective jump scare is an art form, when handled by a master. But it is a Tim Burton movie, who never strays too far from the genre. The comedy, featuring an eccentric lead character in Pee-wee Herman, is rated PG.

Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Adding a screamer scene every few minutes is tiresome for the audience. That being said, filming the perfect jump scare is not as easy as it seems. You can always go for the cheap thrills, but those aren't the ones that haunt horror fans. Carrie White is a sheltered, bullied teenager living with a religious fanatic of a mother. When Carrie finally reaches puberty, more than just her body begins to change.

The best jump scares in horror

The common Latin American folk tale has variances that change by the demography of the storyteller, but it is typically a cautionary story used by parental figures to keep their kids from staying out late at night. As the legend goes, La Llorona is forever weeping, and children wandering in the night are vulnerable to her grasp. The audience is blasted with the subtext: This woman is here for her kids in all the ways that the antagonist La Llorona was not. When Anna becomes a bit too involved — she loves kids, remember? The Warner Brothers shared cinematic universe is chock-full of genre films in which spirits try to take life from the living, as is evident in this film. The priest is no help to Anna, but he points her to a former man of the cloth-turned-shaman named Rafael Raymond Cruz , a curandero, or Latin American faith healer. He only succeeds far enough to leave the audience in suspense, until the inevitably satisfying conclusion. If Chaves was simply trying to cut his directing teeth on a straightforward Hollywood fright fest, he accomplished his goal. Every single frightening situation in this movie is, in fact, nothing more than a jump scare.

Parent reviews for The Woman in Black

There was an old woman all skin and bones… Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh…. So began my favorite song in music class throughout elementary school. Bankston did so well every October — inspire ample jumps and screams — and for the most part, it succeeds. Alice Drablow.

It is just a screen.

The Woman in Black starts out similar to the remake but there are already large differences. The original has our intrepid solicitor happily married with a small boy and brand new baby daughter. No deceased spouse, no mounting bills and debt. Things move rather slowly for awhile.

User Reviews

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So began my favorite song in music class throughout elementary school. Bankston did so well every October — inspire ample jumps and screams — and for the most part, it succeeds. Alice Drablow. It soon becomes quite clear that Eel Marsh House, which is unreachable from the main land during high tide, has some strange quirks: a mysterious door locked from the inside, the sound of a rocking chair creaking, and the occasional sighting of an eerie woman, dressed in black. But the more time he spent at the house, the more he began to understand why the townsfolk stayed away.

The Art of the Scare: Horror’s Top 75 Jump Scares!

When the correct elements are at their best — a perfect blend of pacing, score, and tone — a genuinely scary moment has the potential to work. Sadly, however, one of the most common tropes that too many horror movies resort to is the jump scare. Instead of relying on these collective elements to incite a sense of dread, characters popping out onto screen, accompanied by a swell in the score, tends to be the go-to trick. That said, there are some occasions where the jump scare actually works. And it works. But every so often, Wan can't help but toss in a jump scare just for good measure. This particular moment happens when the daughters of Carolyn and Roger Perron Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston, respectively hear noises coming from their bureau. However, after discovering that the bureau is filled with nothing but clothes, they look up to see Bathsheba the Witch watching them from above.

Jul 25, - Although jump scares are often a cheap gimmick in horror movies, Radcliffe's Arthur Kipps is well aware that the titular woman in black is.

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Sign In. The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death Hide Spoilers. I know Hollywood's job is to cut every corner it can, as movie props and scenery tend to cost more than those of Broadway or Radio productions.

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