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The poor girl and the rich boy love story drama

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Once you enter the sets of Piya Basanti Re , you feel a sense of comfort and exquisiteness. Be it the wide entrance into the bungalow or the spiral stairs or the huge chandeliers; all these elements add to the richness of the set. The set has been designed bearing the story in mind. However, the sets of all the shows are not decorated lavishly unless the script demands it.

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K-drama That Follow Rich Guy-poor Girl Cliche, Here Are Some Excellent Story Line!

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Turkish dramas are wildly addicting. And while dramas overall have been revamping their typical story lines, there are still certain cliches that never really go away. They are always perfect in every angle.

They wait the perfect woman that they have always dreamed about. They have a great body and perfect height. They at least once show their great body to the audience. Lovebird Calikusu — Kamuran Burak Ozcivit. Of course there are exceptions for the innocence of female leads. In Turkish dramas, there is always a psychotic ex-girlfriend who proves to be a real evil. She can be evil from the start or something may happen to push her in that direction, in either way, this secondary female character will do whatever she can in order to damage our innocent female lead.

Psychotic ex-girlfriends are well-dressed, well-educated, jealous, and never want to be defeated. Rich father, on the other hand, is a CEO and uninterested towards his child. These RICH parents usually own a big, well-known, successful family business.

They have in mind a prospective daughter-in-love who comes from a rich family as well. These parents do whatever they can do for their children even if they do not have so much money. Male protagonist who starts off bad in one way or another eventually is changed by the lower class maiden that hates him.

There is a snobby rich boy syndrome. In Turkish dramas, we always see big residences and conglomerates as if we all have rich husband, friend or relative. Characters have power and money and can do whatever they want. But we cannot understand how they earn money because they often do not work: they go to their workplaces, hang out there just a few seconds and do useless things that are not related to their work.

We see these bosses usually attending to tender or signing an important contract but nothing else. We also see what happens among the servants who live in these big residences. There are always scenes about servants who have chat in the kitchens. These servants know the secrets of the family: some of them are loyal while others are not.

Forbidden Love Aski Memnu. Silver Gumus. In Turkish dramas, there are always poor characters usually males who somewhat resemble to us. Their lives always seem similar to us. However, these poor characters find a way to become rich, most of the time, in order to take revenge. They become successful and start to appear as a businessman. We cannot understand how intelligent and smart they are, even though they are not well-educated.

They appear to be capable of doing all sorts of amazing things. Ezel — Ezel Kenan Imirzalioglu. In Turkish dramas, we always see the love between two persons who has different family backgrounds. Either female leads become rich while male leads become poor or vice versa. We want to see the discussions resulted from being poor and rich.

By this way, we have a chance to discover cultural differences. Poor male leads are always proud, honest and hard-working while rich female leads always seek for pure love instead of money. In Turkish dramas, there are always secrets. Either female lead or male lead hides something. These secrets may be something hidden in their past.

When they disclose the secrets to each other, there appears another secret. Until Death Olene Kadar. Rebellious Asi. In Turkish dramas, we always see eavesdrop either intentionally or unintentionally. Usually, characters listen to the conversation, hear what they want to hear, and leave before the end of the sentence.

In Turkish dramas, you will always see a few flashbacks in each episode. Especially, when the female and male leads have a discussion and fall apart, we see their good memories. Music or a theme song accompany with these flashbacks.

There you have it. What do you think? Let us know! The second male leads are polite, rich, caring, and gorgeous but they never get the girl. Eventually, the female leads pick a much deserving male lead over a very kind and sweet second lead.

Most of the time, the audience waits the first kiss. When they will kiss? How will it happen? Will it be romantic or passionate? Since the characters portrayed an innocent love, we all expected to see an overdramatized romantic first kiss. However, we were not satisfied with their first kiss. On the other hand, when the couples are discussing and yelling each other, they might happen to kiss all of a sudden.

These kiss scenes are usually passionate. Fatmagulun Sucu Ne? Tags bad rich boy beautiful female eavesdrop evil mother-in-love ex-girlfriend handsome male kissing scenes poor parents rich girl. When …. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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5 Best Rich Girl, Poor Boy KDrama (Korean Drama) |Drama Obsess

Asian Fanatic. Spreading passion for films from all around the world. Korean , Top This cliche has brought in some great dramas and the classic Boys Over Flowers started the chain reaction of making K-Dramas more popular because it is the first kdrama many kdrama fans have watched. It was my 2nd kdrama and the drama that really brought me into dramaland!

Compare Books Settings Stats Print. Reading stats. In Flight Up in the Air, 1.

With the massive influx of dramas on streaming sites like DramaFever and Netflix, however, it can be hard to find ones that cut through the noise. Either way, get ready for some hardcore binge sessions. Consider this show the Mean Girls of Korean dramas The mean boys of Shinhwa High School call themselves F4 yes, like the keyboard function , and are able to rule over the students with their smashing good looks and parents' impressive bank accounts.

Rich Guy/Poor Girl

The series follows the lives of two brothers one, a studious nerd; the other, a handsome bad boy who both fall in love with the same girl — and all the drama that ensues thereafter. Sorry about that. You can only imagine how complicated the whole thing becomes, given the circumstances. A little bit more lighthearted than all the tense soap operas, Leyla ile Mecnun is a popular comedy series that focuses on the poetic relationship of Leyla and Mecnun. Funny, surreal, and often absurd, the plot shines a spotlight on a poor boy Mecnun and a rich girl Leyla who were made for each other. But only if they manage to overcome all the ridiculous difficulties that life sets in their path. Also known as a Turkish remake of The O. Select currency. My Plans. Open menu Menu.

8 Soap Operas to Make You Fall in Love with Turkish TV

Post a Comment. Tuesday, 9 June If you've read my post about 10 Kdramas for first-timers , then you already know that I love watching Korean dramas. There are a lot of Rich Guy Poor Girl dramas out there, but here are my favorite ones! I love the main characters in this drama!

PG min Drama, Romance. A boy and a girl from different backgrounds fall in love regardless of their upbringing - and then tragedy strikes.

Korean dramas often rely on the plot device of the Cinderella story, where poor, downtrodden women are plucked from their dire circumstances. Their wealthy and handsome heroes usually face opposition from their parents or other meddling relatives, who attempt to maintain social order through means fair or foul. SBS' "High Society" approaches this trope from the perspective of Yoo Chang Soo, a conglomerate heir, who bows to the wishes of his mother. He breaks off his relationship with Lee Ji Yi, an innocent and poor woman, but actively rebels by drinking.

Most Popular Rich Boy Poor Girl Movies and TV Shows

At first glance, this series is a total K-drama cliche. A rich boss falls in love with his secretary and spends most of the series trying to win her over. Despite this pretty predictable storyline, the cast and charm of the characters is what gains your attention. The arrogance of the character that Park Seo Joon plays could come off as being annoying, but he somehow makes it work and you end up loving his character from the start.

There is a girl. Girl meets boy. Boy is rich and successful and somehow mystified by this modest girl. Boy loves girl. Boy pursues girl.

10 K-Dramas With The “Rich/Poor” Trope That Are Actually Good

Rich girl poor boy kdrama is what you are looking for like me if you are tired of the cliche rich guy poor girl kdrama. Here is a list of my 5 personal favorites rich girl poor boy kdrama. Hope you enjoy my recommendations. Innocent man is really good. Also, Superstar Song Joong-ki is the main male lead. So she turns her back on Ma-ru, choosing money over love.

Love Story Between Poor girl and rich boy. Park Queen. Loading Unsubscribe from Park Queen? Cancel Dec 11, - Uploaded by Park Queen.

MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Sort By: Author's Order. Boys Over Flowers Korean Drama - , 25 episodes.

A rags to riches love story

K-dramas are an entirely different world altogether. There are dramas that follow the rich lead, poor lead genre and is often a hit amongst a global audience. We take a look at the best storyline that stands out in the same genre. Read Why?

The very best Korean dramas of all time

Turkish dramas are wildly addicting. And while dramas overall have been revamping their typical story lines, there are still certain cliches that never really go away. They are always perfect in every angle.



Seven K-Dramas Where The Poor Girl Gets The Rich Guy



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