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Needles dream meaning

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Many people fear needles. The fear is sometimes so big, that it becomes a phobia. The mere thought of needles fills them with horror. These people fear needles so much that they often dream about them.

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Needle - Meaning of Dream

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Even thinking about needles, brings chills to some people. They are used in medicine and all things that are no very positive in real-life. It is very important to notice other sings inside of your dream because dream interpretation is more valuable when the whole dream is viewed as a whole.

If you had a dream about a needle or needles, then you are probably in a situation where you feel under a lot of pressure.

This period of bad luck and stress will soon be over, but you need to contribute to ending it. If you had a dream about a needle going under your skin, then you need to stop judging yourself for something you did before. If you want this guilt to go away, then you need to apologize to this person or try to fix errors you have done in the past. That is the only way you are going to feel good about yourself.

If needles were everywhere around you in your dream, then you are feeling overwhelmed by people around you. You feel like they are constantly behind your back, looking at your every step.

Having someone monitor your every move is stressful and you need to tell these people to stop interfering in your life.

If needles in your dream were bloody, then you will be faced with some challenges in the upcoming period. The challenges you are going to be faced with could be related to your career but also to your personal life. Whatever they are, you will have to get back on your feet and attack them with everything you have. If you react on time, you might be able to prevent bigger consequences.

If you were using needles in your dream, in any way, this dream represents your desire to try new things. You feel like your life is too bland and you would like to implement new things into your everyday routine. When you start doing new things you will see how your life is starting to change and you together with it. Beating yourself up over things that are meaningless, leave you feeling too tired to pursue those things that are important.

Dreams about needles in your arms are a representation of sadness in your life. The sadness in your life is coming from being surrounded by people or by situations that are draining your energy. Get rid of everything that is keeping you behind and start living your life to the fullest. Find the reason behind your sadness and fight it with everything you have.

If you found a needle or needles in your dream, then you will hear some bad news from someone. News could be related to your work or to your personal life, so be careful how you react to it.

The way you react to the news is very important, so take your time to evaluate the situation and then decide what you are going to do.

Dream about stepping on needles represents the way you feel right now. You constantly feel like you are undervalued and no one understands what you are going through. If things you are doing are good, then be patient and you will be rewarded. If you were sewing something in your dream, then you will soon be in an unpleasant situation. This situation could come up in your workplace or it could be related to your personal life.

Either way, you will have to deal with this situation. If you were stabbing someone with needles, then you have a very big desire to get rid of people from your life. If you knew the person you were stabbing, then you have a desire to get rid of this particular person.

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Dream Meaning of Needle

To see of taking a needle in your dream means that you will help someone and you will be happy at the end of this. To sew something with a needle in your dream may represent that you will learn lessons from your faults and you will fix them. To see that a needle prickles your hand while you sew something in your dream may symbolize happiness and joy which will be seen among friends in your school life.

These substances have different sizes and they can be used for many different purposes depending on the type you are using but it is important to be careful with them. However, when you dream about needles , this can be a sign of danger that is about to come your way either sexually, financially, socially, and lots more.

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. Needle dreams are commonly warnings for your life that represent dangers or overextending yourself. When you have needle dreams there is a caution from your psyche that changes in your life are afoot. These dreams can also indicate that you need to get motivated or a chance may pass you by.

11 Dreams About Needles – Meaning & Interpretation

Needles in dreams are not a very fortunate symbol. Usually they indicate some kind of emotional pain. Maybe this dream indicates you need a motivation for something in your life. A needle is often a phallic symbol, and sometimes in dreams it indicates a love dysfunction. Maybe you are not satisfied with your love life and that is why you dream about needles. Maybe you lack closeness and intimacy with your partner. A dream about needles can also symbolize a love act or male sexuality. Dreams about using or just seeing needles might indicate the need to mend some situation or relationship.

Dreaming Of Needles

In a diversity of dreams there are lots of interesting symbols. You can interpret them in different ways; moreover it depends greatly on the action of the object, the duration of the process and the mood of a dreamer. You will find two versions of interpretation positive and negative that psychologists distinguish for the dreams about a needle. If you run a thread through an eyelet and see the needle with a thread, this dream portends acquaintance with a new person. This meeting will be very successful and interesting, and will bring a lot of positive emotions and good impressions.

Even thinking about needles, brings chills to some people.

To collect sewing needles in bed , just to see them in a dream — is a sign of business meeting, heated discussions, conflicts. However, in some dream books a dream means the emergence of new business partners, friends. Especially if you dreamed that you happened to pick them from the floor. In order to decipher correctly what spiky objects symbolize in a dream, you need to pay attention to details.

Dreams About Needles – Interpretation and Meaning

If you dream you saw a sewing needle - in reality it threatens material injury to you, as well as the loss of a friend who might be a traitor. Find a needle in a dream - in reality you are involved in a useless and pointless dispute. Lose a needle - in real life you will have friends who will appreciate your ability to.

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Discussion Forum. It depends what sort of needle. If it is one used to give fluids in hospital, then it can suggest an inflow of life-giving energy or influence, or it could indicate a health problem. Needles can link with drug use, and indicate possible poisons or infections entering your body. If dreamt in connection with a child, it might be worth making enquiries to see if the dream has any truth in it.

Interpretation of a dream about picking needles


Needles can mend things or sew them up, and if your dream suggests this it is about healing old hurts or even securing something. It can also suggest small.


Dreams About Needles – Meaning and Interpretation







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