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Male and female best friend quotes tumblr

Aye mom beanie! Mind if I get a writing? I was thinking on a vampire male and a human female are best friends? Though like, if he were to bit her she would not turn, but him being the best he has said he was would drink from her? So what if one day he gets to her place and looks like he is about to actually die because he is so hungry, so he needs her then and now?

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male and female best friends

Aye mom beanie! Mind if I get a writing? I was thinking on a vampire male and a human female are best friends? Though like, if he were to bit her she would not turn, but him being the best he has said he was would drink from her? So what if one day he gets to her place and looks like he is about to actually die because he is so hungry, so he needs her then and now? Is Trevor ok? Alucard licks his lips, his hunger worsening as he inhales your scent.

You shrug, not seeing the starvation in his eyes, allowing him in as you sit on your couch and groan as another cramp shoots up your abdomen and spine. You hated this time of month, the hormones raging, the mood swings, the horniness, all that and more. As you cross your legs, folding your arms over your chest as you shiver, watching as the vampire stalks closer, almost like a predator, staring at you like a lion stares down a gazelle in the wild.

I have to. His tongue runs over his fangs, his hazel eyes piercing into yours as he hovers over you, making you shrink away in submission. Alucard hisses, inhaling your scent from the junction of your neck and shoulder, his tongue running over your pulsing veins with a low growl against your skin. You seem to be in great pain, while I in great hunger.

Perhaps I can release some endorphins while you sustain me? What the fuck?! What are you really here for? Alucard leans down, spreading your legs with a hum, smirking softly when you squeak and try to close them. I need you. I need to taste you. Not just your blood, but all of you and your essence. His soft lips kiss up your legs, coaxing out high pitched whines from your throat, keeping you unable to answer from how flustered you have become.

Was he serious? The noise that fell from your lips was heavenly, so delicious. Alucard growls low in his throat, biting you again, making you lurch and whimper as blood trickled down your thighs onto his lips. I need you as much as you need me. Just say the word, and both of our problems can be fixed. Keep reading. This project was considered to be the most challenging yet fun for her to make and I really love it… With my assistance, her talents began to ignite with passion… Thank you so much your Sprite editing is Awesome xD.

Originally posted by axew. As you can see The Mermaid in this Picture is The Vallite Princess Herself: Happy Birthday to this Vallite Princess whom I adored from the very start I hope you will be filled with Love with your Nohrian and Hoshidan siblings… along with your Husband, his twin sister and your-in-law counterpart and your adorable Dragon children. If you want her to do this… The link of this sprite editor is somewhere in this post… and she is planning to do Commissions.

You can ask her as well.. You need to support her creative works and also her life. So that she will improve her creative works. Originally posted by sleepysealion. Request: Hewo! Where the reader has a best male or female friend, and they always hang out and invite them over.

But Eddie and Venom have had enough of this friend because your spending a lot of time with them. Please, and thank you.

No problem lovely, thank you for your support! Eddie sat sulking on the couch, hands nearly crushing the pint of chocolate ice cream he was holding. He was really trying to keep you from spotting the way his shoulders had tensed, the way his mouth had twisted, the way he kept shaking his head ever so slightly.

Glaring holes into the television, Eddie ground his teeth in an attempt to block out the telltale sounds of you getting ready to leave. You were always so over the place when you prepared to go out, running back and forth from room to room to look for a certain shirt or pair of shoes. Both Venom and Eddie usually found it endearing, yet another of your adorable little quirks. But all of those previous times you had been getting ready to go out with them.

Sure, this was hardly the first time you had left the two of them behind to go hang out with that so-called friend of yours, but they were becoming less and less tolerant of it.

Neither Venom nor Eddie had ever really liked that friend of yours, feeling that he took up far too much of your time and attention. And as the both of them grew more and more dependent on you, fell more and more in love, their anger grew as well. None of this was your fault, not at all. You were simply far too kind, far too friendly, for your own good. But these key traits of yours meant that for some reason you frequently felt the need to abandon your loving boyfriends to spend time with some loser.

I know, buddy , Eddie sympathized. Venom fell silent for a moment at that, his thoughts racing so quickly that Eddie could swear he felt their movements in his head. The thought of that even as possibility tore through Eddie, making him feel even worse than when he had first combined with Venom. Eddie had faced so much death and destruction in his life, but the thought of losing you scared him more than any of that ever had.

But then the question is how to stop it. At least, not for long. Mulling over their options for a moment, both man and symbiote tried to find a solution to their problem. After throwing out several worthless ideas, they both had a revelation.

Hey , Venom said with vicious eagerness, you did say I could eat bad guys. What kinds of things would a German character call their loved ones? So, your German character wants to give their loved ones nicknames etc.? So, I made a list. Which is by no means exhaustive, because holy shit, there are so many variations and regional differences, that would have become way too long.

Though I certainly tried. Also, while there are lists online, some of the names listed there are so strange?? Personal Stories! There reason is because in the series, Allura has only really established a firm and recurring relationship with two males who are not her family Alfor and Coran within these 8 seasons.

And those two are Lance and Lotor…. Yes, Allura has had scenes of friendship with the other male paladins particularly Shiro and Keith in early seasons , but after season two those kinda died out and the only male characters we really see Allura form much of a friendship and personal connection with is Lance and Lotor.

Most of my best friends are guys. Male and female platonic friendships are so important for kids to see. We need that lesson to be taught more than ever and Voltron missed a great chance to do it. I thought after season 6, we would see Lance and Allura keep a deep friendship instead of moving into a rushed and badly written relationship. And it kills me to see that the only deep male connections that Allura had in the series had to only be love interests.

Oh Fire , what an episode. There are two MSR angles here. The first is how Scully is really there for Mulder as a friend. She sees he is vulnerable and is protective of him; she is caring and reassuring even when Mulder seemingly dismisses Scully in pursuit of that British poontang. The beauty of their blossoming platonic bond really shines through in this episode. But everything that he desires in Phoebe is already there in the form of Scully.

With this in mind, there are parts of Fire that almost play out like a stereotypical romcom. The male protagonist with the amazing female best friend who is perfect for him but he just continues to pursue terrible women, all while the best friend looks on from the sidelines, picking up the pieces, supporting him. Originally posted by reputationissues.

In fear of getting treated like a porcelain doll and not wanting to be a burden to her friends, she tries to hide it. Will it work? And how long can she hides it? Pairing: FEM! Reader x Cheryl and FEM! Reader x Sweet Pea Endgame not chosen yet, so vote!

Since of the surprising discovery of Black Hood short before Christmas, it had been mostly peaceful in Riverdale. Even with the troubling transfer of the Serpents, not much chaos had been built up yet.

Meanwhile, Betty discovered she had a brother, who had been acting strange and Sweet Pea and Fangs tried out for basketball. While she got a wink from the boy, Reggie threw a dirty glare at his ex-girlfriend. Pointing her middle finger up in the air, she continued to cheer for the Serpents. After all, all she could do was standing in the rain and watch them since she was not allowed to anything that would make her breathless.

After the practice ended and the boys came over to get their stuff.

Male Best Friend Quotes

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I fell in love with my best friend. These type of relationships are the bests.

Here are some of the reasons, why every guy needs, at least, one girl best friend —. There are many times when as boys we cannot exactly figure out where something went wrong and that is exactly when she comes into the picture and fixes that puzzle for you. Source: hercampus. When you need a haircut or a shave, which colour suits you better and what you should wear for the weekend party — there can be no better person to give you this advice.

For now. March 18th, It just sort of bowled me over, you know? And it was like finding gold or something. It could also be Mother. September 5th, Things are still the same between us. He was and still is my closest friend, except for Yoko. YOKO: They were friends, you know, and they were swearing at each other or, you know. February 12th,







on Pinterest. See more ideas about Guy friends, Guy best friend and Quotes. The Best Friend's Club | via Tumblr on We Heart It. best friend Boys and girls CAN be best friends. Designer Clothes, Shoes & Bags for Women | SSENSE.








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