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Like the Great Stone Dragon I am aliveeeee. Just Wow. Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing your reviews were for the last chapter. I'm so happy you all enjoyed it and got my vision.

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Buckle up buckaroos. Grab yalls snack for this mere 20 pager. I think I need a snack, I'm feeling a little delirious at this point of a writing marathon. Chapter 18 Miserable. The world was crumbling down around her. Tears blurred her vision. The halls of the school warped, as if looking through a fun house mirror. Riley's lungs burned, her breath was shallow, but she kept moving. She could hear Maya calling after her in the distance, but she didn't look back.

She flung the school doors open and relished in the freedom of the fresh air, finally free from the antagonizing stares of her classmates. Without hesitating, she continued to her car and sped out of the parking lot. Not caring about the trouble she might get in for ditching school. She felt so stupid.

Stupid for believing Lucas's lies. Stupid for falling for him. Stupid for thinking love could be so perfect. Stupid for believing in fairytales.

Stupid for running straight into Missy's trap. Riley clutched at her hair as she pulled to a stoplight. The haunting image of Lucas's mugshot flickered in her mind. She was so naive. She had no idea who he was. He was a criminal. A stranger But so sweet and caring.

He built me my own movie theater for Christ's sake! Fear bubbled in her chest. Had he been in with Missy this whole time? Was he playing some perverted game with me?

There's no way…. The light turned green, breaking her train of thought. Riley sped through the town until she finally arrived home. She tore up the stairs, seeking the comfort of her bay window, but memories of Lucas tainted the room. The night he came into her room after practice to say goodnight. Her mind couldn't escape ghost of his warm arms around her. The memory stung, a fresh trail of tears fell down her cheeks.

She slid to the floor in front of her bed, pulled her knees to her chest and tried to make herself seem as small as possible. She didn't lift her head at the sound of Maya's voice. Maya sat down next to her and pulled her into a hug. And you tried to warn me, didn't you? That's why we got into a fight when I told you about the almost kiss?

Why didn't you tell me then? I could see the way you were with him. I could see how much you liked him-". But I had no idea about the other stuff. I confronted Lucas about getting kicked out of school. He wanted to tell you himself. I told him if he didn't, I would. Riley I'm so sorry. Riley sat up a little straighter, "After the concert, when we were at the after party, Missy showed up. She cornered me in the bathroom-". Riley hiccuped, "she cornered me and started saying all this stuff about how I don't know Lucas.

How I'm not his type. Then I got a text from an unknown number. It was the mugshot I couldn't believe it. I showed it to Lucas that night. I asked him if it was real and he lied to me. He said it was fake and I believed him. I'm so stupid. Maya clenched her teeth. Huckleberry had no idea of the storm coming at him. She hid her anger and gripped Riley tighter as her tears picked up again. Josh held his head in his hands as he leaned against the wall outside of Riley's door.

He could hear his sister's sobs and Maya's soft attempt to calm her. He didn't have to explain to his father when he and Maya sprinted out of the school after Riley, the whole school saw what happened. Cory gave him a soft nod of permission as they passed him. Josh knew his dad would handle their ditching. His mom might not be too thrilled, but surely she would understand. He felt so conflicted. On one hand, Lucas had become one of his best friends. He was a good guy and clearly head over heals for his sister.

But on the other hand, Lucas hurt her. He should want to tear him limb from limb, but couldn't bring himself to feel the anger. The Lucas was Missy talked about, was not the Lucas he knew and definitely not the Lucas he ever saw around his sister. He lost track of time as he sat against the door. His back began to ache from the stiffness of the hardwood floor. Golden light peeked through the ornate window in the stairwell as the sun began to set. He'd missed the rest of the school day.

And football practice. Coach Thompson would surely bench him for their next game. A soft creak on the stairs pulled his attention. His parents were climbing the stairs. His mom gave him a soft knowing smile and crouched in front of him to place a comforting kiss on the top of his head.

He decided now was a good time to head to the gym. He sent a quick text to Maya, asking if he should pick up anything for them as he left the house.

He'd tried calling her. Straight to voicemail. He'd sent her text messages. No response. Hell, he'd even tried texting Maya, but she wouldn't reply either. Lucas was at a loss as to what to do. The keys to his truck tempted him. Teasing him with the option to run. He could run to her, he could beg for her forgiveness, plead with her to let him explain.

Or he could run away. He could take off in the night and drive all the way back to Texas. He could try to forget the glimmer of hope for the man he thought he could be. The man he wanted to be.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 4K. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house.

It was a peaceful and snowy evening in New York city. The clouds started to darken with the sky and the wind started to blow.

Riley pulled her long cozy dark gray cardigan tighter around her body. The dark gloomy morning matched her current mood. I'll be working late tonight. Matthews set a bowl of oatmeal in front of her not-so-smiley daughter. She took a seat next to Riley.

Riley blew a loose strand of hair out of her face. You can do this…. In a rush to be on time to today's early morning football practice, Josh accidentally left his gym bag at their house. Riley managed to carry the dumb thing all they way from her father's car to edge of the athletics complex. This is pointless. Riley glanced at the distance left to the field, she had about 20 more feet. Riley continued to the football practice field in search of Josh. She reached the sideline of the field and attempted to pick out her brother from the mass of helmeted boys. In need of a better vantage point, she climbed onto the second row of the metal bleachers along the sideline.

Everyday Riley Matthews made herself invisible. She tries to maintain her happy ray of sunshine attitude, but is rejected by most of her school. When Lucas Friar transfers to her school, everything changes. Riley must learn to overcome her deep-rooted insecurities and understand the secret of life. Riley Matthews was many things; a dreamer, a nerd, a potterhead, a diligent member of Beyonce's beyhive, an enthusiast of all things sparkly, a smiling ray of sunshine if you asked her best friend Maya Hart, and apparently today she was a glutton for punishment.

So I know it's been too long, but I'm back!

Buckle up buckaroos. Grab yalls snack for this mere 20 pager. I think I need a snack, I'm feeling a little delirious at this point of a writing marathon.

Riley woke up Friday morning in an exceptionally happy mood. She and Maya had officially made up, and Maya successfully stayed the night without escaping to Josh's room. Not to mention, she and Lucas were on the rise again. Oh yeah, she definitely had this whole life thing figured out.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Maya Hart wasn't a stranger to Bad Timing, but she was usually careful to keep her friends away from it. And the best way to keep them out of harm's way was to never entertain Hope. Maya noticed the pattern early in her life: Hope turned up suddenly, seducing Maya with a happy future; Bad Timing swooped in, causing immediate heartache; Hope fled.


Nov 4, - Riley Matthews was invisible. She tries to maintain her happy ray of sunshine attitude, but is rejected by most of her school. Overlooked for her.








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