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Get rid of useless friends

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Despite what the Spice Girls would have us believe, it's not true that friendship never ends. Research actually confirms what we've all experienced: Most middle school friendships don't even last a year. And while some adult friendships last throughout life, some make us feel like we've been sentenced for life. So how do you know when to make a break for freedom? Sometimes it's obvious: A so-called friend steals your money or your partner, or in the case of Taylor Swift , your back-up dancers. Now we've got bad blood, indeed.

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7 questions to ask yourself to decide whether or not you need to break up with a close friend

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Sign up here to get advice and true stories about mental health in your inbox every week. Breaking up with a friend can be even harder than breaking up with a lover, says Sharon Saline, a Massachusetts-based psychologist and lecturer at Smith College School for Social Work who has experience as both dumper and dumpee. It's often harder because we expect those relationships to last.

Of course, it pays to take time and think about whether a friendship is worth taking some serious effort to mend. But if you decide that ship has sailed, capsized, and sunk, here's some advice for getting yourself free of it unscathed. Be honest. To yourself and your friend. Go over it once or twice to make sure you have a clear and concise explanation for why.

Set boundaries. Unfollow them. It allows you to check in on them and vice-versa. Identify some new activities to enjoy. Go do things for yourself, engage in healthy friendships, volunteer. There are more specifics—and an actual script to follow— here. Dec 9 , pm. Welcome to Coping , Episode Thirteen. Tagged: Health mental health anxiety social anxiety Tonic friend breakups Get a personalized roundup of VICE's best stories in your inbox.

Dealing with a toxic friendship

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Toxic friendships are the worst. If you look for ways for how to get rid of a toxic friend, first of all, let me say my heart goes out to you. Toxic people are like toxic substances.

When you choose to end a bad friendship, you make the choice to maintain your self-esteem, and even your health -- toxic friendships can stress you out, making you sick. You could also keep your distance from them, and not necessarily communicate your feelings to them eventually, they will probably take the hint. Finally, and as a last resort, you can cut off communication with your friend. Ridding yourself of a bad friend is difficult, but you may find your life much improved without them.

15 Types of Friends You Should Get Rid Of Immediately

So the undeniable question we are all asking is: How do I get rid of a toxic friend? Maybe your attachment to them is even making you deny how much their presence affects you. It can help to know the signs of a toxic friendship so you can be sure that the relationship is no good. Occasional constructive criticism from a friend can be helpful, but frequent, harsh criticism is not beneficial in any way. Friends who are always stressed out, depressed, or angry are taxing to be around. Then you can figure out the best way to end the friendship and move on. But you need to start accepting that letting them go is for the best. Take the Dark Triad test here! One good way to tell if a friend is negatively affecting your mental health is to have them take a test called the Dark Triad quiz. It assigns the person 3 different percentile numbers based on the way they answer.

When To Fire A Friend

Not all friendships are built to last. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to get rid of an unwanted friend. Breaking up with a friend is not so different from breaking up with a romantic partner. You may choose to distance yourself gradually or make a quick, clean break.

Sign up here to get advice and true stories about mental health in your inbox every week.

I strongly suggest you read it immediately after reading this post. Over the last year and a half, I have felt consistently happy. This is the longest stretch of happiness I have encountered since I was a child.

How to Get Rid of a Toxic Friend: Make Them Walk Away for Good

Developing a meaningful relationship with a friend can sometimes be as complex as a romantic one. You might have your ups and downs, but then come out stronger and more connected as ever with a real respect to your friendship. Relationships of all kinds can be messy, weird, and complicated. That person would apologize, immediately stop doing the offensive thing, and your friendship with them would be better than ever.


They'll be the people who discourage you from exercise or make fun of you for wanting to be a better person. They'll come up with reasons for you to stay in other bad relationships. Toxic people get you stuck in the past and focused on the negative, and in that mentality, you can't move forward and you can't succeed. It is impossible for them to share in your joy. It's worth noting that there is a difference between people who are truly toxic to your well-being and people who have a negative outlook because they struggle with depression.

10 Signs You May Be in a Toxic Friendship

Passionate love that can turn toxic and sour or even just Friendships are also complex dances that can end in tears and breakups. If some of your connections just don't feel right anymore, you might be wondering how to know when to end a friendship. Sometimes, you're just at different places in your lives, which itself can be benign. Other times, there are almost daily, blazing red flags for gaslighting, disrespectful, and toxic friendships. It's not your responsibility to take on all the work of a relationship yourself.

Dec 9, - Maybe your friendship started out healthy and now your friend has morphed into one of those people who makes you feel like a loser every time.

When I was in my early twenties, I had an army of friends. Our common ground consisted of shared interests like clubbing, gossip and being overly dramatic about our romantic problems. I surrounded myself with people who were good-looking, stylish and popular, because subconsciously, that validated me. As I grew older and reached a different stage in my life, my interests started to change. I became a lot clearer of the type of human I wanted to be and the values that I stood for.

7 Tips for Eliminating Toxic People From Your Life

What a blessing friendship can be. Studies have suggested that those with really solid friends live longer. Like all deep relationships, however, even your platonic ones are bound to have their shaky moments.






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