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You do not need to have a residence permit in Norway or be a Norwegian citizen in order to get married in Norway, but you must have legal stay. You must give this certificate to the person who is officiating the marriage. You can find information on the Tax administration website regarding what documents you must send to the Tax administration on order to get the certificate. There is a waiting time for being issued a certificate, so please make sure you leave plenty of time before the wedding.



Why are Norwegian brides so sought after?

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In a rudimentary two storey timber building in the picturesque country village of Evje, southern Norway, seven Russian women sit around a table struggling to make smalltalk with a balding Norwegian baker, the only male in their midst. And the women, who arrived a few days ago from Murmansk, St Petersburg and Tolliati in search of a Norwegian husband, are coming to terms with the language barrier for the first time. Only one of their group, Helena, a book-keeper from Murmansk, has even the tenderest grasp of English — none speak Norwegian — so nervously smoking cigarettes, they all thumb through various pocket dictionaries, resorting to sign language where necessary.

Having fun is not on the agenda. Helena will stay here for a month or two in one of the 20 or so basic individual rooms, awaiting Norwegian men who visit in dribs and drabs over the course of her stay.

And as they arrive her mission is to find a suitable husband with whom she might go home and stay until her three month tourist visa expires. If they get married, she stays, and if she remains married for three years, she gains her ultimate goal of citizenship to a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world.

If her husband should choose to divorce her, however, before the three years is up, she will be forced to return to Russia, a country of instability, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure and poverty. Maybe if I find a nice man I can stay here, for a new life. But if not, it is a holiday, and I just go back. Now in its 3 rd year, the IMC was conceived and built by a year old science teacher called Alf Loining. Loining would assist his customers with writing the letter of invitation to their chosen girls — which were required for visa purposes — and his involvement would end there.

One of the women has brought her two small boys who play on the scrub slope leading down from the camp to the street. Living in cramped and sparsely furnished single rooms akin to enhanced cells — bed, hanging rail, drawers — the women anxiously await Norwegian men each day, their tickets to a new start.

Yet despite the impression Loining gives of a humble, avuncular old duffer with a simple business, he is a highly controversial figure in Norway, not least for his cold and mechanical approach to importing Russian women. If, like the baker, they have travelled a long way from home and need to stay the night, Loining charges K — although it is strictly forbidden for men to stay in the same building as the women. As for the women, there is considerable debate about the sums involved.

These women have no money, how else can they come? His fiercest critic is his ex-wife, Irina, a Russian doctor from Murmansk whom Loining had invited over initially as a wife, but she eventually became the secretary for the IMC. He thinks Russian women are just cheap life.

Now I cannot go back to Russia, because Alf has told many people that I am a mad woman, he has told the Mafia. He knows the Mafia, he is a dangerous man. His idol is Hitler. They just have to prove that there is abuse, so they fight and provoke until the man hits back so they can have a mark on their skin.

Rasmussen has seen her scars. Admittedly she has received Russian women from the camp who have lied about abuse in order to remain in the country, but Rasmussen stresses, this is a tiny minority.

They think Russian women are less than Norwegian women, like prostitutes or something to be bought and sold.

And they threaten to divorce these women and send them back to Russia. One woman was locked in a cupboard, another was forced to sign a contract handing over her earnings for the next 10 years. Besides whether you want it or not, you will have different kinds of trouble and you will be ready to give not only dollars but many times more to avoid that! Irina now lives with another Norwegian man on the other side of the country — she is afraid to give her address.

Her scarred and fearful testimony may explain the reluctance of the women at the camp today to reveal their own financial arrangements with Loining.

Why do you ask these questions? I have one boy, he is 15 and I told him I am going to Norway for holiday. Remarkably she was regarded with beady-eyed suspicion by the women throughout. When two men turn up from nearby Lillesand, Olga leaves the table to tweak her make up, but the men appear more interested in the youngest girl of the bunch, a big-boned 20something who has nipped off to change three times already in an hour.

They move off to the kitchen, behind a partition to get to know each other better. There is an element of urgency among the women. The table periodically erupts into frantic Russian bickering whenever the men pose a question — what did he say, what does he do, how do you say… — and although the women appear to support each other through the language barrier, some cross their arms and look out of the window grumpily.

Olga sips her coffee steadily, insisting that she is not desperate. She is not fleeing her home country, she says, whatever will be will be. In recent years, the roads to the IMC were picketed by the Norwegian feminist group Ottar who would protest against this trade in foreign women and take name-and-shame Polaroids of any men arriving as though the IMC were some kind of brothel. And in Norway many women get 12 months maternity leave, no questions.

So this is my trouble — women do not need men any more. They get divorced and they never marry again. I am hoping that Russian women will be more like Norwegian women used to be — keeping the home nice and together, looking after the family. They are trying for a child this year. Perhaps he can teach me! Tatiana went home with Arvid after barely a fortnight at the camp last year.

He was the first man with whom she dared take the leap to actually visiting his Lillesand home, over a hundred kilometres away. And everything he said about his home is true. Lillesand is very pretty place. Many men go to the camp and tell all kinds of stories about how they live, what their job is. But how can you marry like this?

So, as sterile and tasteless as the IMC seems, particularly given its pervading mood of secrecy and fear, it appears that occasionally, very rarely, the marriages actually work. Certainly the demand exists both among Norwegian men and Russian women — apparently Loining now has competition in Lillesand, where more Russian girls are being imported.

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Getting married in Norway

Every one of us dreams of love. Having a person who understands you and cares about you has been a synonym to happiness at all times. This might be a beautiful Norwegian woman by your side. Unfortunately, finding a single soulmate to fall in love with is a hard task.

DON'T ever send money to someone you meet online! If someone asks you for money, please report the user by using our Report Abuse feature or contact us.

What image comes to mind when you think of Norwegian women? It will probably be something like a Valkyrie — a fair-haired and blue-eyed beauty of a healthy, tall, and strong stature. Of course, you can meet plenty of girls like that in Norway, but it would be a far fetch to assume that all girls in Norway look like clones of each other. Moreover, Norwegian society is becoming increasingly diverse racially and ethnically.

Norwegian Wife Camp

Spending lonely evenings in your empty flat you definitely start thinking about a person who could keep your company. A woman who can become not only partner for one night, but also a lady for spending the life with being together. But sometimes it's so difficult for a man to find a matchy partner and give this girl the most expensive thing you have - your heart. So what to do in this situation and how to find the girl you will love so much? That's really not always convenient to come to the unfamiliar women in the street to ask them for dating. And they can also be not single, so the moment will be rather confusing. And to avoid such situation you can easily try our another way - search for the woman online. It's a kind of marriage agency, but you can do everything just from your house. What options are available here?

Norwegian Brides

Are you sick of the fact that all the women you meet seem to look the same? Are you tired of going to all of the same places only to end up disappointed? Allow Rose Brides to help you find one of our Norwegian brides for you. A mail order bride from Norway can spice up your life and add a great deal of excitement.

In a rudimentary two storey timber building in the picturesque country village of Evje, southern Norway, seven Russian women sit around a table struggling to make smalltalk with a balding Norwegian baker, the only male in their midst.





Here you can find useful information about getting married in Norway and applying for a residence permit in order to live with your spouse in Norway.








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