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Guys we should make this song popular again share?? I remember listening to all of his songs back in and I still do! I miss hearing him sing. This is so unfair anime videos who uses this song gets more views while this the original music video gets less views.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Daniel J - A Girl Like You (with lyrics)

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Daniel J - A Girl Like You ( Official Music Video)

Daniel Powter

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Powter and Dawson recorded the song in , but were initially unable to find a record label to release it. The song was first used in a French Coca-Cola television advertisement in Christmas before its official release. Tom Whalley, Warner Bros. Records ' chairman and CEO, offered Powter a contract after hearing a demo tape of it. This track ended up being released as the aforementioned album's lead single in Europe in early The song was received with a generally mixed reception from critics.

While some praised its lyrics for their "universal appeal", others felt the lyrics were too broad. Despite this, it was a commercial success. In , the single charted in the top five in more than ten countries worldwide and became the most played song on European radio. After its European success, it was released in the United States where it topped the Billboard Hot , Pop , Adult Top 40 , and Adult Contemporary charts, and under Billboard's first modern year end chart, it became the first song to top the list in terms of popularity.

In , it became the first song ever to sell two million digital copies in the United States. It was certified platinum in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, gold in Denmark and Germany, and also received a certification in France and Japan. The accompanying music video for "Bad Day" was directed by Marc Webb and reached 9.

The video depicts two downcast people sharing a similar routine until they meet each other at the end of the video. The song was used for advertisements and television programs, most prominently as American Idol ' s elimination song. The song's success made it Powter's "anthem" and would be included on his later compilation albums B-Sides and Best of Me After leaving MacEwan University in Edmonton at 20, Powter moved to Vancouver , British Columbia where he played keyboards before he started composing songs.

It's about words that sing great. I was mumbling something, and those words came out. Dawson and Powter included the song on a disc that was offered to record labels that asked Powter to audition in New York, but his lack of stage presence led to the labels turning him down. Disappointed, he returned to Vancouver to move on because: "once a record company says no, it's difficult to come around again". Bitching and griping about nothing.

My granddad used to say to me, 'There's better people who are worse off than you,' and I always remember that. It's a song about trying to make people feel better. I'm making fun of you, but at the same time making fun of myself.

The lyrics of "Bad Day" were said to have a universal appeal by Alan Connor of BBC News Magazine as they have an "everyman breeziness" because the song's subject can be any person going through a bad daytime.

The song received mixed reviews by commentators; some reviewers praised it for its composition, while other critics felt that the lyrics were not profound. Billboard 's Chuck Taylor called the song "instantly memorable" and praised its instrumentation for being different "from the scores of adolescent thrust-rockers currently dominating the scene.

Danton from the Hartford Courant classified it as the best track on the album, while Erlewine called it "the template for the rest of his debut". In Canada, the song was certified platinum by the Canadian Recording Industry Association for the sale 20, downloads.

The music video was directed by Marc Webb and premiered on Yahoo! Records released the video on YouTube on October 26, The music video accompanying "Bad Day" features a man Jason Adelman and a woman Samaire Armstrong going about their daily routines over a three-day period. Parts of the video are shown in split screen as they do exactly the same thing at different times, sometimes in the same location. The central point of the video occurs when they paint separately on the same billboard.

Armstrong character shows her negativeness by adding rain and a car running through a puddle of water while Adelman adds an umbrella and a man with a coat to protect the woman in the billboard.

At some point, he draws a question mark and she completes it with a heart. At the end of the video, they finally meet when the man offers the woman an umbrella during a rain shower as a taxi cab stops for them. Throughout the video, Powter is shown playing piano while wearing a tuque —a type of knitted hat.

Chuck Taylor said the video is "strikingly good" and "brings emotion and clarity to an artist that we are meeting for the first time". It's more like it's everybody's song. It can be heard everywhere from in shops, on mobiles and especially on TV.

The fifth season of American Idol used "Bad Day" to underscore a montage of each contestant shown when they were eliminated. The song was included on the set lists for Powter's European tour, [8] in the United Kingdom, [] and in the United States to promote its parent album. Credits adapted from the liner notes of Daniel Powter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. CD single digital download. Mitchell Froom Jeff Dawson. Warner Bros. Records WEA. On this date, the music video for "Bad Day" was already accessible.

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Daniel J - A Girl Like You Lyrics

Powter and Dawson recorded the song in , but were initially unable to find a record label to release it. The song was first used in a French Coca-Cola television advertisement in Christmas before its official release. Tom Whalley, Warner Bros.

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More by Daniel J

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YesJulz is there a reason why you didn't promote the DanielCaesar album? He literally ruined his career and lost his fanbase to defend you.

He is best known for his self-penned hit song " Bad Day " , which spent five weeks atop the Billboard Hot As a child, Powter played the violin at the age of 4. He changed to piano at 10 years old after a group of children bullied him and destroyed his violin.

Girl Like You Mp3 Remix


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Bad Day (Daniel Powter song)




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