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Can you look in a mirror while dreaming

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Forum Rules. Switch to Night Mode. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Add Thread to del. I've heard that if you look in a mirror while in a lucid dream it could make you scared. Why is this? Share Share this post on Digg Del. Our virtual Image in Dreams while looking at a Mirror is almost unstable or distorted. Even your fingers and feet. Maybe this is due to Illusion created by our mind.

But the worse case scenario if you really awake Stare at this sentence. After you have Read This. Ask your Self, Why did I Read this. Some people are perfectly fine with mirrors and nothing bad happens when they look into them. Other's see themselves really distorted which freaks them out. A few people even see a bloody Mary type person in mirrors I think that it mostly depends on what you expect in the dream.

If you hear that mirrors in dreams are scary If you expect it to be normal.. I look myself in the mirror and i look scarey as hell! But i liked it, i actually found more confidence in me to fight in dreams while i seen how i truly look in dreams. I look like an evil witch lmao! I also know whenever i look at a mirror i can elevate myself while i see my evil self floating lol i am so bad in dreams only if you put me to the test.

When i last looked in a mirror i slightly different change of hair, longer face etc , yet my mind seemed to just accept it as the norm even though i was lucid.

Nothing really scary. The freaky bit appeared when i pushed my way through the mirror and felt like my body was turning inside out haha. I had a lucid dream not long back involving mirrors, please check out my dream journal. I knew my reflection was meant to be different in a mirror and it was but because I knew about this it didn't scare me in my dream, actually I was really eager to try it out. I think if you expect it to be different in a lucid thn when you actually do look its not a fright, try it if you remember when your lucid and just keep reminding yourself its not real.

Good luck. I've had two bouts with mirrors so far, both of which were really cool to be honest. First time, I was in a dungeon of a castle of sorts, but I'm about to go upstairs and I peer into this conveniently placed mirror which shows my hair being slightly longer than it normal is and the tips of which were a very pale white. Looked hella sick. Last night actually, and it was a lucid too. So what I did was, I stopped looking at myself, and just put my hand up to the mirror, which amazingly probably not.

Pushing your way through a mirror is actually part of the Task of The Month for June, If you are comfortable with them and feel you can have control over it, give the task a try.

I always found mirrors to be more like windows but I never go through them. I've had an LD with mirrors once. There were three of them of varying sizes that did different things when I touched them the smallest one rang a doorbell and the with the biggest one I tore a hole in reality , but I never saw myself in the reflections. I don't think I've ever seen my reflection in a mirror while dreaming, come to think of it. Originally Posted by Mancon. I think that it mostly depends on what you expect in the dream.

I scratched my eye in a dream after a freak rocket accedent Shooting it at someone , I rushed to a mirror, it was just a little cut, it didn't look scary to me at all. I just saw my face, with a red eye and a little mark on it. I was more worried about my sight xD. I always look odd but I never cared too much. A few people even see a bloody Mary type person in mirrors. Well, here are 12 responses and no one sees scary things in the mirror that actually scare them.

I often look in mirrors in LDs and never thought a thing about it. Early on when I was learning transformation, I would use a mirror to see how my cloths looked. I actually often look basically just like myself. I wonder where the idea came from? I even did some, "back in the day. I was about 17 then, and sat inches from a mirror staring into my own pupils, and sure enough the image turned very demonic. I knew it was just the drug and did not get scared.

Well, that is what I remember from 24 years ago. I suppose drugs like that are still around somewhere, and making kids see scary stuff in mirrors. Just a guess. South Park. Last edited by sivason; at AM. Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not. The first time I looked in the mirror in my dream I was in my room and somehow got lucid and remembered I wanted to know what I looked like in my dreams. My focus was bad so when I looked I was all dark and blurry. Nowadays when I look in the mirror it's pretty clear but for some reason my hair is almost always different.

I don't get beards, I'm female. I've also seen what my hair would look like short it's pretty long and I didn't like it at all. Another slightly lucid dream with a mirror s was some time ago as well, I put my arm through a mirror and my arm came came out of the nearest mirror.

I grabbed a pringles chips can. I think this started out from horror movies where bad things happen once someone looks into the mirror Personally mirrors freak me out, even in real life if i stare at my reflection for a while Try it for yourself. Just keep staring at your reflection and after a while it might feel like it's another person or that your reflection is alive or something O. I realize that i'm dreaming. I don't get scared by a mirror in real life, I get fucking scared by a mirror in a lucid I don't know why.

Thanks for mentioning the ghost's name in previous posts. I'm a scardey cat. In reality I know ghosts wouldn't find me trouble if I don't bother them if they do exist so I'm pretty okay with the mirror, I like staring into my eyes and looking at my eyes' colour, gives me a weird feeling, a little calm, a little getting sucked into the moment but none scary.

I just saw my hair was longer. This is my most recurring dream ever. Since I was 5 I would have dreams of me staring into the mirror. Nothing visually scary happens other than some slight face distortion, but I feel the entire essence of fear. It is the most horrifying feeling I have experienced or probably ever will experience. The strange thing is that I am drawn to it. I will be dreaming and think "Hey, Ima go stare at myself in the mirror! I have even occasionally found myself doing it while awake, with the same effect.

This all started way before I heard any rumors about fears in the mirrors. Yes, its true that if you look in the mirror in dream, it can scare you. It is so because in dream we see very unusual things such as very long hair, freaky body with very long or very short hands or legs. In dreams, when we see in mirror it mostly happens that the reflection of the mirror is faded and distorted or with very bright light, which looks very scary. Its also depends on what we expect in the dream. If we think that mirrors in dreams are scary then definitely it will scare you.

From what I've experienced, looking at mirrors don't mean anything if you're not even partially lucid. If you expect mirrors to be scary in dreams, they'll be scary. If you expect them to be portals to other worlds, they will be. If you expect them to talk to you, they will, and so on. Why don't you look at on in a dream and tell us what you see?

The Mirror Experiment: Probing The Lucid Dream Mirror

Do you ever see your own reflection in a dream? Most people are unable to see themselves in a mirror when they dream… or when they do, they tend to look really strange! We rarely look like ourselves when we look into a dream mirror. The reason why is because our dreaming mind looks at our self psychologically, not physically. Below is a good example of how our dream reflections work.

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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. If you stare into a mirror at the stroke of midnight on a full moon then you will see a glimpse of your future husband. Giving a mirror to your daughter on her wedding day is considered good luck in some cultures. So let's move on to your dream.

Looking in a mirror in a dream

Mirrors present an interesting puzzle in lucid dreams because their main property in real life - reflection - is driven by the laws of physics. Yet these laws are entirely moot in dreams. In fact, the only reason things do follow the laws of cause and effect in any dream is because we expect them to. Physical law drives our entire conscious experience and we carry it with us - both consciously and unconsciously - into the dream world. Every "normal" construct in the dream world cars, houses, human beings, bicycles, swimming pools, trees, dogs, clothing has been drawn from your waking experience. If you were blue and lived on Titan, you would no doubt dream of blue aliens and green skies every night - and that would be your normality. So your dreams are heavily based on your memories and expectations , and this creates an interesting conundrum which we can explore with dream mirrors. Let's combine the ability of an dream object to function independently with your unconscious expectations about what you look like in a dream.

Mirror In Dreams





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