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Apple music find and follow friends

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Set up a profile Find and follow friends See what friends are listening to Control what you share Stop sharing Report a concern. From here you can follow friends in your contacts list, search for friends who use Apple Music, and more. Sharing music with friends isn't available for Child accounts that are part of Family Sharing. To play music that your friend is listening to, just tap or click their music.

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How to follow people on Apple Music and set up your profile for it

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At its most basic, Vertigo is an app that makes music social. One of our features enables you to listen to music with your friends together in real-time. Not listening live? You can post photos, videos, and audio clips with music to the feed and profile.

To make sure they get their due, we have integrations with Apple Music and Spotify Premium so all streams run through their systems.

All this starts with a basic answer: one of you needs to start a listening party. A listening party is basically your own live DJ session. It happens when a user chooses to share their music with others on Vertigo.

Try choosing a playlist to make things easy. You can shuffle songs or arrange the order in the queue for a truly curated experience. Not in the mood to decide? Leave it up to your friends to select the music by opening up your shared queue. A shared queue allows anyone in your live mixer to add songs to your session. To allow a shared queue, simply tap the button with three stripes on the mini player at the bottom of the screen. Tap unlock your mix on the top left corner.

Now friends can vote and add songs they want to hear! The shared queue feature is currently available on iOS. Coming soon to Android! You can play music, add photos, turn on your mic and stream live video, as well as chat along with those listening with you. Make sure your push notifications are on to get alerts when those that you follow invite you to a listening party! You can join from the alert, swipe right to see friends that are live, or swipe left to see listening parties that are trending in our Discover section.

Have you ever wanted to add a soundtrack to your life? Moments allow you to post content with music attached! Want to reminisce on that epic concert you went to last weekend? Post a photo with your favorite song attached. Select the song you want to add to your photo or video. Then, swipe down from the center screen to take or upload a photo or video. To find your own moments, go to your profile to see them posted on your activity wall. To find moments posted by other users, swipe up from the center screen to see following and trending.

Play any song and view the song story playback on the center screen. Post a picture or video with that song, and it automatically becomes eligible for the song story! Tap the Vertigo logo on the center screen to see all posts with that song. Only the top liked posts get into the song story. Click on the mini player at the bottom of your screen to view your playlists. Select your playlist and click on the orange icon with three lines. Then get ready to enjoy some cash or merch!

Yes, yes, yes! The benefits for artists are unlike any app out there. Because each listener is pulling from a legal access point, each listener counts as a paid stream. Long story short. Jamming out to a live listening party with followers? Interested in learning more about how Vertigo can help artists? Checkout how artists can offer a special profile to their fans here.

We're always here for you! Go to your profile in the app, click the gear icon on the top right. You can also DM us on Instagram vertigoislive , send us a tweet or email us at support vertigomusic.

How to Make Your Music Streaming Experience More Social

If you tried Apple Music a few years ago, you might have quickly switched back to Spotify. Apple's option felt bare and wasn't very good. There are a few neat tricks hidden away, too.

Apple is famously bad at social networks. Unless you count iMessage, which is easily successful and popular enough to exist as a standalone business. Or iCloud Photo Sharing, which brings families and friends closer together every day.

Do you feel like you're in a musical rut and wishing for a way to discover new songs, artists, and playlists? Let the cross-pollination begin! You can connect your Apple Music profile to Facebook and Instagram as well, so that it can offer more recommendations from your social media friends. Let's get started using Apple Music to find new friends, new music, new music friends, you get the idea. Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad.

What is Apple Music?

When the music-focused social network Cymbal launched in , the service promised to be a hub for music junkies to share their favorite artists and flaunt their great taste. Once you logged in, you'd see a stream of songs titles shared by whoever you were following, often accompanied by some sort of commentary or mini review. The goal was to create a feed that acted as a playlist, with everything curated by all the people who matter to you. While the service was able to gain some traction among devout music nerds, its user base wasn't enough to keep the service afloat, and Cymbal recently announced it would be shutting down this June. Cymbal wasn't the first service dedicated to social music discovery. In , Apple launched Ping , the social recommendation platform that lived and died inside iTunes. Three years later, Twitter announced Music , which gathered tweets to show its users new music they might like.

Apple Music has gotten a lot better in the last couple years — especially if you know these tricks

At its most basic, Vertigo is an app that makes music social. One of our features enables you to listen to music with your friends together in real-time. Not listening live? You can post photos, videos, and audio clips with music to the feed and profile.

It's easy to find and follow people in the Apple Music app — whether it's friends, family, or coworkers. While Apple Music used to allow users to follow artists as well, it removed the feature in

Benjamin Mayo. Apple Music is rolling out a new discovery mix called the Friends Mix, which updates every Monday. It collates 25 songs that your Apple Music friends have been listening to. Now, you can simply follow friends and they can follow you back.

How to Find & Follow Friends on Apple Music with iOS 11 on iPhone

Noting is as exciting as listen to music and be able to share it with your friends. Here you get a chance to show off your music taste to your friends and also get a hint of their music taste by sharing tracks. Apple Music, one of the best music streaming services , has taken advantage of this and has incorporated a feature where you can find and follow friends on its online platform. This is a revolutionary feature that apart from seeing what tracks others are bumping to, you can also meet some acquaintances too.

Although Spotify still ranks as one of the top music streaming services in the world, Apple Music has taken the United States by storm. It also blends your personal music catalog with on-demand streaming and live radio, all in one place. At the moment, Apple offers a three-month free trial, though signs are beginning to emerge that the company is thinking of scaling this back to just one month. However, Apple claims that when master recordings are converted into AAC files using the Apple Digital Masters workflow which Apple outlines with excruciating detail for anyone interested , the result is indistinguishable from the master recordings and thus potentially better-than-CD quality , while keeping file sizes relatively small. Competing music services like Deezer, Tidal , and most recently Amazon Music , take a different approach to high-quality audio.

How to Follow and Find Friends in Apple Music


Apple Music gives you unlimited access to millions of songs and your entire Apple Music library. All ad-free and available right from your Android device, iPhone,  Rating: - ‎, votes - ‎Free - ‎Android - ‎Entertainment.


Apple Music Social Profile: How To Set It Up







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